If there is non-ascii chars in the filename, diff parse failed. #150

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None yet

Especially when it is the first commit of the repo, I just improve the regexps.

randx and others added some commits May 21, 2012
@randx randx GITLAB patch: More stable raw commit parsing 810e3c1
@nathanvda nathanvda Added a method count_all for faster counting. Added methods called ta…
…g_count, head_count and remote_count. These just count how many there are, without building the actual items. On big git repositories this makes a lot of difference.
@nathanvda nathanvda Alias head_count to branch_count. cbe9a70
@randx randx Merge pull request #1 from nathanvda/master
More efficient counting of tags/remotes/heads
@randx randx travis file added 1c56688
@randx randx Gemfile added 205c7da
@nathanvda nathanvda Make sure that Ref does not create the commit when doing a `find_all`…
…, but instead only looks for the commit when it is needed. Improves lookup time enormously.
@randx randx Merge pull request #2 from nathanvda/master
further improving performance
@nathanvda nathanvda Fix build on ci. b3b214e
@randx randx Merge pull request #4 from nathanvda/master
Fix the travis CI build.
@kouno kouno Fixes symlinks omission from diff. 546b3aa
@fdiary fdiary use method_defined? instead of hardcoded version string to support bo…
…th ruby 1.9 and 2.0.
@fdiary fdiary explicitly set ASCII_8BIT encoding in PACK_IDX_SIGNATURE.
otherwise "..."'s encoding is UTF-8 in ruby 2.0.
@randx randx Merge pull request #9 from fdiary/ruby-2.0
support ruby 2.0
@randx randx Merge pull request #7 from kouno/fix-symlinks
Fixes symlinks omission from diff.
@randx randx Add ruby 2.0.0 to travis cf7cfd3
@fdiary fdiary update mocha to support tests on ruby 2.0. c3dddfa
@randx randx Merge pull request #10 from fdiary/mocha-0.13.2
update mocha to support tests on ruby 2.0.
@randx randx build a separate gem for gitlab grit 191b8fb
@pda pda Minor typo fix: “buy” → “by”. f0604f9
@sbryant sbryant Fix an edge case in rev_parse.
Make sure we don't split on a `ref:path' revision.
@shepmaster shepmaster Correct spelling of "represent" 546c207
@ranmocy ranmocy lost filename when there is non-ascii char in blob name 0cc645e
@ranmocy ranmocy can parse if filename include ", especially at the end of the filename de504ed
@kevinoconnor7 kevinoconnor7 Applied patch to strip GPG signatures 7716da0
@randx randx remove warnings b64228a
@randx randx use ruby1.9.3 instead 1.9.2 in travis 4c70dbb
@randx randx use seed repo for testing to get same results on different machines a73fff9
@randx randx Merge pull request #18 from kevinoconnor7/master
Strip GPG signatures
@randx randx rollback to grit gem name c40a324
@randx randx Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/mojombo/grit 61901eb
@randx randx Merge branch 'fix_non_ascii_issue_in_diff' of https://github.com/ranm…
…ocy/grit into ranmocy-fix_non_ascii_issue_in_diff
@randx randx Merge branch 'ranmocy-fix_non_ascii_issue_in_diff' c15e275
@randx randx Update readme. added coveralls 805e048
@randx randx comment one more test d82b1a1
@randx randx Revert "Fix Tempfile usage under ruby 1.8.7"
This reverts commit b49a6ff.
@randx randx Revert "fsync loose objects before moving into place"
This reverts commit cdf0fdb.
@randx randx Revert "make object writes atomic"
This reverts commit 00a0054.
@jacargentina jacargentina Implemented grep search functionality 56a3f33
@jacargentina jacargentina Fix broken tests (remove previously --no-color added by default to al…
…l native calls)
@jacargentina jacargentina Fixed case when there is no matching branch on the filename string 78de42e
@jacargentina jacargentina Added context to grep implementation 28f05c5
@jacargentina jacargentina Handle multiple file matches bc0086b
@jacargentina jacargentina Fix grep to use UTF-8, and content parsing cea676f
@randx randx Merge pull request #19 from jacargentina/grep
Implemented grep support
@randx randx grit -> gitlab-grit c4e5bef
@randx randx Include grit_ext inside gitlab-grit f24bd38
@randx randx rename grit.gemspec to gitlab-grit.gemspec ddbc1dd
@randx randx Merge pull request #20 from gitlabhq/gitlab-grit-gem
WIP: gitlab-grit gem to replace grit fork
@vzctl vzctl Handle filenames with spaces fcb2365
@randx randx Merge pull request #21 from vzctl/filenames_with_spaces
Handle filenames with spaces
@jacargentina jacargentina Fix invalid byte sequence errors when using grep method 0ae9d4c
@babatakao babatakao git required.
The following tests failed with git

* grit/test/test_commit.rb:201
* grit/test/test_repo.rb:422

The minimum version passing tests is
@randx randx Merge pull request #23 from babatakao/patch-1
git required.
@randx randx Merge pull request #22 from jacargentina/fix-utf8
Fix invalid byte sequence errors when using grep method
@ranmocy ranmocy patch for 1.9 should apply to 2.0 or later 4887b6f
@ranmocy ranmocy rename gem name to grit 07e509d

Grit is no longer maintained. See #183 and check out libgit2/rugged.

@bkeepers bkeepers closed this Feb 3, 2014
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