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The missing package manager for OS X.

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Homebrew - The Missing Package Manager for OS X

Features and usage are summarized on the homepage.

Quick Install to /usr/local

This script will prompt for confirmation before it does anything:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Afterwards, install Xcode.

Umm… I thought I could install it anywhere?

Indeed, you can. Refer to our complete installation instructions.

Dude! Just give me a one-liner!

Okay then, but please note this installs Homebrew as root and we recommend against that.

curl -LsSf | sudo /usr/bin/tar xvz -C/usr/local --strip 1

But what packages are available?

Before installing you can browse the Formula folder on GitHub.

After installing, you can use brew search to find packages or brew server to browse packages off of a local web server.

More Documentation

The wiki is your friend.

Who Are You?

I'm Max Howell and I'm a splendid chap.

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