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require 'formula'
class Lua < Formula
url ''
homepage ''
md5 'd0870f2de55d59c1c8419f36e8fac150'
fails_with_llvm "Lua itself compiles with llvm, but may fail when other software tries to link."
# Skip cleaning both empty folders and bin/libs so external symbols still work.
skip_clean :all
def install
# Apply patch-level 2
curl "", "-O"
safe_system '/usr/bin/patch', '-d', 'src', '-i', '../patch-lua-5.1.4-3'
# we could use the patches method if it supported additional arguments (-d in our case)
# Use our CC/CFLAGS to compile.
inreplace 'src/Makefile' do |s|
s.remove_make_var! 'CC'
s.change_make_var! 'CFLAGS', "#{ENV.cflags} $(MYCFLAGS)"
# Fix path in the config header
inreplace 'src/luaconf.h', '/usr/local', HOMEBREW_PREFIX
# Fix paths in the .pc
inreplace 'etc/lua.pc' do |s|
s.gsub! "prefix= /usr/local", "prefix=#{HOMEBREW_PREFIX}"
s.gsub! "INSTALL_MAN= ${prefix}/man/man1", "INSTALL_MAN= ${prefix}/share/man/man1"
system "make", "macosx", "INSTALL_TOP=#{prefix}", "INSTALL_MAN=#{man1}"
system "make", "install", "INSTALL_TOP=#{prefix}", "INSTALL_MAN=#{man1}"
(lib+"pkgconfig").install 'etc/lua.pc'
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