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Commits on Jan 5, 2009
  1. @jeresig

    Tagging the 1.3b2 release.

    jeresig authored
  2. @flesler
  3. @jeresig
  4. @jeresig

    Switched back to the old style of running embedded scripts (users who…

    jeresig authored
    … have duplicate runs will
    have to deal with it another way).
  5. @jeresig
  6. @jeresig
  7. @jeresig

    Oops, order of operations.

    jeresig authored
  8. @jeresig
  9. @jeresig
  10. @jeresig
  11. @jeresig

    Fixed an issue with how broken selector tests were handled in IE (the…

    jeresig authored
    … exception was misdirected).
  12. @jeresig

    The triggered flag was being set too early, which was preventing bubb…

    jeresig authored
    …ling form working when a
    native event existed.
  13. @jeresig

    Make sure that if no ownerDocument is available that we fall back to …

    jeresig authored
    …the node itself (likely the document).
  14. @jeresig
  15. @flesler
  16. @flesler
  17. @flesler
  18. @jeresig
  19. @jeresig
  20. @jeresig

    Made hide, show, toggle, slideUp, slideDown, and slideToggle animate …

    jeresig authored
    …margins and paddings in addition to height, width, and opacity (results in a much-smoother animation).
  21. @jeresig
  22. @jeresig
Commits on Jan 4, 2009
  1. @jeresig

    .live("div div") was failing due to the extra space in the selector (…

    jeresig authored
    …which conflicted with multiple event binding in .bind).
  2. @jeresig

    Moved the copyright to the intro file, added a ! so that it passes th…

    jeresig authored
    …rough YUIMin untouched, and changed the Date and Revision so that they're now generated automatically based upon all of jQuery rather than just the core file.
  3. @flesler
  4. @flesler
  5. @flesler
  6. @flesler
  7. @jeresig
  8. @jeresig

    Moved from the old JSMin to using YUIMin for compressing the jQuery s…

    jeresig authored
    …ource. Additionally landed some improvements from #3770 which dramatically reduce the filesize. The final minifed + gzipped size of jQuery went from 19817 bytes to 18063 bytes.
Commits on Jan 3, 2009
  1. @jeresig

    Landed a proper fix for #3255 - which involves doing createElement in…

    jeresig authored
    …stead of going through the normal clean method.
  2. @jeresig

    Hid an issue where Safari through an exception when a colgroup was cr…

    jeresig authored
    …eated in jQuery.clean. Not completely sure what the cause is, yet.
Commits on Jan 2, 2009
  1. @flesler
  2. @jeresig

    Fixed an issue that was introduced by [5743] (which didn't have a tes…

    jeresig authored
    …t case, either - that has been resolved). This fixed #3739.
  3. @flesler

    jquery event: Now using an internal argument to detect if bubbling on…

    flesler authored
    … $.event.trigger. The other would fail when it receives an event object with target. Also, the target isn't nulled anymore.
    In addition, there was a lot of code running O(n) during bubbling while not needed.
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