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otp_build: Don't run hooks when updating the primary bootstrap

Since "otp_build update_primary" copies files that may contain
trailing spaces, the commit may fail if the repository has a
pre-commit hook that refuses to commit files with whitespace
problems. Avoid the problem by not running any hooks.
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1 parent d041cab commit 2fc7c367942b893beae1d572c6bcda78fe28c378 @bjorng bjorng committed with Erlang/OTP Mar 22, 2010
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2 otp_build
@@ -915,7 +915,7 @@ do_primary_git ()
bootstrap/lib/compiler \
bootstrap/lib/orber/include \
- git commit -m 'Update primary bootstrap'
+ git commit --no-verify -m 'Update primary bootstrap'

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