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Is there an existing meachanism(doesn't look like it) for me to add an additional HTTP header to a request I am proxying through proxymachine? Say I am doing something like this:

proxy do |data|
p data
if data =~ %r{\r\nHost: (.+):?(.+)?\r\n}
remote, header = @router.route($1)
{ :remote => remote, :header => header }
{ :noop => true }

In order to add something like "X-Foo-Bar:\r\n" to the headers being sent to the upstream server? I do not want to change anything else about the request but I'd like to add a header and then let the proxy do its thing.

Would you find this useful if I patched in it to proxymachine? Or do you not want it tied to http at all and should I just run with my own fork?


eric commented Sep 2, 2010

You're trying to add the header to the response you're sending back to the client?

This could be useful in both directions - but that description implies it is being sent back to the client in the response ? (like :reply) but I don't think that is the intent.

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