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dustin commented Dec 15, 2009

When tagging releases in a version control system, the tag for a version MUST be "vX.Y.Z" e.g. "v3.1.0".

I've always tagged my versions as X.Y.Z, e.g. 3.1.0. I pull that directly out with git describe for my apps to report their own versions.


mojombo commented Dec 17, 2009

I like having the v prepended so that version tags are clearly delineated from other stuff that might happen to start with a number. I guess it just disambiguates a little more than the straight version number by itself.

dustin commented Dec 17, 2009

Could it perhaps be changed to a SHOULD with a detail of why you prefer it your way?

For three digit numbers as you have them, it seems unlikely to conflict with anything else (short of someone creating a branch with the same name as the version -- though this doesn't seem to prevent that confusion).


mojombo commented Dec 18, 2009

I've moved the tagging requirement into a sub-spec so you can safely ignore it and still be compliant with the main spec.

steshaw commented Aug 12, 2016

@mojombo wondering if that sub-spec is public somewheres?


mojombo commented Aug 12, 2016

You can see what it looked like in the 1.0.0 spec, though it was removed in later releases:

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