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#!/usr/bin/env perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More;
use Data::Dumper::Concise;
use MojoMojo::Formatter::Amazon;
plan skip_all => 'Requirements not installed for Amazon Formatter'
unless MojoMojo::Formatter::Amazon->module_loaded;
plan skip_all => 'Set AMAZON_TOKEN to your amazon API token (access key, not the secret one) to run Amazon tests'
plan skip_all => 'Set AMAZON_SECRET_KEY to your amazon API secret access key to run Amazon tests'
plan tests => 8;
# Formatter basics
can_ok('MojoMojo::Formatter::Amazon', qw/format_content format_content_order/);
my $prop=MojoMojo::Formatter::Amazon->get(1558607013,$ENV{AMAZON_TOKEN}, $ENV{AMAZON_SECRET_KEY});
is($prop->title, 'Higher-Order Perl: Transforming Programs with Programs', 'object title');
eval { use Test::MockObject };
skip ('Test::MockObject not installed', 3) if $@;
my $o = Test::MockObject->new();
$o->set_true(qw/artists authors directors year/);
is(MojoMojo::Formatter::Amazon->DVD($o), " -- ??1?? (1)\n\n", 'DVD formatter');
is(MojoMojo::Formatter::Amazon->Book($o), " -- ??1?? (1)\n\n", 'Book formatter');
is(MojoMojo::Formatter::Amazon->Music($o)," -- ??1?? (1)\n\n", 'Music formatter');
like(MojoMojo::Formatter::Amazon->blurb($prop), qr/^\<div class="amazon"/, 'blurb format' );
like(MojoMojo::Formatter::Amazon->small($prop), qr/^\!.+jpg\!.+ASIN/, 'small format' );
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