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Commits on Apr 26, 2009
  1. @marcusramberg

    Ship another one

    marcusramberg committed
  2. @marcusramberg
  3. @LiNiO
  4. @LiNiO
  5. @LiNiO add some loc()

    LiNiO committed
  6. @LiNiO
Commits on Apr 25, 2009
  1. @mateu

    formatter tests.

    mateu committed
  2. @plu

    Merge branch 'rafl/master'

    plu committed
  3. @rafl
  4. @plu

    Merge branch 'rafl/master'

    plu committed
  5. @plu
  6. @plu
  7. @rafl
  8. @rafl
  9. @rafl
  10. @rafl
  11. @marcusramberg

    Amazon test

    marcusramberg committed
  12. @marcusramberg
  13. @marcusramberg


    marcusramberg committed
  14. @marcusramberg
  15. @dandv
  16. @dandv

    Updated Changes, crediting Catalan translation, removing a duplicate …

    dandv committed
    …item about preview width etc.
  17. @mateu
  18. @mateu
  19. @mateu

    MojoMojo in Living Colour.

    mateu committed
Commits on Apr 24, 2009
  1. @LiNiO

    updated pl.po

    LiNiO committed
  2. @LiNiO
  3. @mateu
  4. @marcusramberg
  5. @dandv
  6. @dandv
  7. @dandv

    New formatter 'Main' to dispatch to Markdown vs. Textile based on the…

    dandv committed
    … MojoMojo->pref('main_formatter').
    The two no longer contend with different orders, and none of them needs to check if it's the default one.
    This will allow for different formatters per page as well, or even per section of a wiki page.
    The individual Textile and Markdown formatters are better isolated and completely independent.
  8. @marcusramberg
  9. @dandv

    Updated POD to reflect the new {{...}} syntax. Also, we use Textile, …

    dandv committed
    …and no longer Textile2.
  10. @dandv

    Fix stupid mistakes made when formatter_all_markdown.t was cargo cult…

    dandv committed
    …ed into formatter_all_textile.t
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