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--background just doesn't work on FreeBSD #104

tbull opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I try to run mojomojo with the --background option.
On the first try, it's missng MooseX::Daemonize::Pid::File. No problem, that is easily installed.
Then it appears to start and run in the background as one would expect. But instead of the wiki front page I receive a page where it tells me "(en) Please come back later" in 10 different languages.
The full command line I run is -k --background --pidfile=/var/run/

Without the --background option it works perfectly, but using & to send it to background is less useful for startup scripts.

The output of ps is the same for both cases, like this:

root     21373  0.0  6.6 76436 66456  ??  S     6:53PM   0:00.31 starman master  (perl5.10.1)
root     21376  0.0  6.6 77460 66616  ??  I     6:53PM   0:00.07 starman worker  (perl5.10.1)
root     21377  0.0  6.6 77460 66624  ??  I     6:53PM   0:00.08 starman worker  (perl5.10.1)
root     21378  0.0  6.6 77460 66620  ??  S     6:53PM   0:00.08 starman worker  (perl5.10.1)
root     21379  0.0  6.6 77460 66624  ??  I     6:53PM   0:00.08 starman worker  (perl5.10.1)
root     21380  0.0  6.6 76436 66444  ??  S     6:53PM   0:00.01 starman worker  (perl5.10.1)

The issue is the same with FreeBSD 8, perl 5.10.1 and FreeBSD 9, perl 5.14.2.

MojoMojo member

Seeing as we use standard Catalyst scripts here, I think it would be more useful to take this to them, if it's still an issue.


Since you apparently know, what you're talking about, and I do not, I conclude, you are better suited for the job of taking this to "them", whoever "they" are. ;-)

MojoMojo member

Well, I also don't have this issue, since I'm not using starman. By 'them' I mean


Oops, sorry, I mistook you for a/the maintainer of this software.

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