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Once you add a user, there is no way to delete them via the Wiki structure (I assume there's some way to do it via SQL, but maybe not if using sqlite.) There doesn't even seem to be a way for admin to disable them, such as leaving them in the database but preventing them from logging in.

sjn commented Sep 11, 2012

Let's have a discussion on what "deleting a user" really means... I've dived a little into the script/util/ program, finding that it tries to delete stuff, but (as of this writing) might fail for some reason.

Before this can be solved, there's at least one question that needs to be answered – If a user account is deleted, what should happen to the page_version entries linked to that user? (atm, they're deleted /with/ a cascade-on-delete to it's parent page_version, recursively deleting it all).

There are some options:

  • Delete that user's page_version fields, reorganizing the remaining page version so parent versions still can be found
  • Delete all page_version fields in the line of edits that user participated in (personal note: this is a silly option)
  • Assign a dummy user as new owner for page_versions related to the deleted user
  • Don't delete anything, just flag the "deleted" user as hidden or something, keeping that person still in the database and hide him/her instead from public view/queries

Are there any other options?

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