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Espitenen Und Herr Pimponen - a nice platformer for the NES
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Espitenen und Herr Pimponen

Espitenen und Herr Pimponen is a simple yet fun platformer for the NES in which you control either character from the bottom to the top of high vertical levels. Once you start climbing up your path, the screen will start scrolling automaticly and you must rush 'cause if you touch the bottom of the viewport you will have to start over, losing a life.

The game features 1P and 2P modes, both co-operative and VS.

Check the game card at Mojonia.

How to build

Espitenen is a NES game coded in a mixture of C and 6502 assembly language. To buid it you need cc65 v2.17 or later correctly installed (and in your PATH). Once you meet this requirement, just enter the dev directory and run compile.bat.

If you are interested in compiling this game in a Linux or Mac environment, you can recompile the tools using freeBasic and create your own easily.


This game is released under the GNU LGPL 3 license.

You are not entitled to create physical copies of this game unless you obtain explicit permission from the Mojon Twins. You can contact us if you have any inquiries.

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