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MT Engine MK2

MT Engine MK2 is a framework composed by a modular engine coded in C and a powerful toolchain to make games for the ZX Spectrum. MK2 is the sucessor to Churrera (MK1).

MK2 needs z88dk v1.10 to compile and uses a modified version of splib2 by Alvin Albrecht.

We "abandoned" MK2 in 2018, but continued support by some developers has resurrected the project, which will eventually get more enhancements and additions.


There's a couple of things you have to do to get this working.

  1. Download or clone this repository.
  2. Install the stripped-down, minimal version of z88dk in C:. Just decompress the file env/z88dk_mt.7z to C:/. You should get a C:\z88dk\ folder.
  3. Compile and install the modified splib2 library. To do that, open a command line console, navigate to lib/splib2/ then run Makefile.bat.

How to Build

The engine / framework resides in src. The code, as is, features a placeholder game you are supposed to replace with your own. You can compile it as-is, of course, to test the environment. To do so:

  1. Open a command line console.
  2. Navigate to the src/dev folder
  3. Execute setenv.bat to set up some environment variables.
  4. Run compile.bat.

If everything went OK, you'll get a tape image mk2.tap you can play in your favourite ZX Spectrum emulator.


There isn't a proper tutorial yet, but you can check the one we wrote for MK1 here (Spanish) or here (English, thanks Andy Dansby).

Most of the features are documented in the ever growing but a bit confusing 'whats's new' document.

There's also a bunch of interesting docs in the docs folder.


  • Engine & toolchain by na_th_an copyleft 2013-2015, 2019. Like it? buy me a coffee
  • Placeholder game by Greenweb.
  • splib2 by Alvin Albrecth.
  • Sound FX and Phaser 1 music player by Shiru.
  • Appack decompresor by dwedit, adapted by Utopian and optimized by Metalbrain.
  • WYZ Player by WYZ.


  • The included splib2 library is not the original. You can get the original splib2 here. There's a backup of the original Spritepack site with the docs here.
  • The z88dk 1.10 package in the env folder is not complete as it just includes the files needed to compile MK2 projects. You can get the full version here.


MT Engine MK2 ZX is copyleft The Mojon Twins and is distributed under a LGPL license.

You are required to add the Mojon Twins logo to the cover art and/or the loading screen of your games.

But if you make a game with the engine we understand you'll want to make it into a tape and sell it. In such case, just tell us! Write to - just as a matter of courtesy. If you don't we'll get sad and rather disappointed.

The game assets included in the testers and examples (graphics, music, etc.) are donationware.

If you like this, you can buy me a coffee.

Have fun.

Logo for game arts

MK2 logo

Logo for ZX Spectrum

MK2 logo spectrum


MT Engine MK2 para ZX Spectrum



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