Add case-insensitive table matchers? #17

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I think an easy solution to this would be to just require that all tables are written in lower case and ensure #to_table always returns lower case. I don't think this is a problem, because I don't think tables should be used to check case correctness. Forcing them to be written all-lower-case would highlight that.


I think always downcasing #to_table might force developers to downcase their tables in the long run, but I think it will be difficult and frustrating in the meantime. Forcing #to_table to lower case essentially makes the table matching case insensitive, but without the developer's awareness. A case-insensitive table matcher seems like a good idea, so that the developer can be more aware of the behavior.

PR opened here #115 and further discussion welcome.


Fulfilled with #121

@adsteel adsteel closed this Sep 28, 2015
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