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Helios Build Status

Live data display with weather powered by Dark Sky

Helios is comprised of a web client and API server:

Note: The API server is not necessary to run when working on the client. A mock server will be spun up automatically if an API server is not run.


make release

Helios will compile all of the assets into a release folder in the root of the repo, containing the compiled server binary and static assets.

Deploying to Frontdoor Pi

make deploy

To deploy to the internal instance of helios, run the task while on the same network as Helios is connected to.

IMPORTANT If you need to restart your Pi, be sure to reboot the helios service once the current time is available. This is required for slack functionality to work correctly.

ssh pi@frontdoor.local
sudo systemctl restart helios.service

This will be fixed in future versions.

Working with the PI

Sometimes it's necessary to run commands manually on the pi.

SSH into the pi.

ssh pi@frontdoor.local

Restart the helios service:

sudo systemctl restart helios.service

Turn the projector on and off:

echo "on 0" | cec-client -s #on echo "standby 0" | cec-client -s #off

Add a developer's public key for deploy commands:

gh-auth add --users=<github_username>