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Basic Ballot

This is a stripped down version of the Ballot - or an iteration of it.

Run it

bundle install # for dependencies
rake serve # starts a simple server

Will get you started. But you want to rebuild things when things change - right?


guard Will run in the background and rebuild your CSS and HTML as you change it. It'll even reload your browser automatically, if you set up livereload


This is a simple HTML application that's compiled using JSON data and ERB templates. Templates are rendered with a controller class found in controller.rb that sets template variables.

The site also SASS for styles and Gridle for responsiveness.

Other Commands

There are a few other rake commands that might be helpful:

  • rake sharing will create the sharing redirection pages (stored in /sharing) that are used for social sharing optimizations.
  • rake alderpeople will import data from data/alderpeople.csv and use it to overwrite data/alderpeople.json
  • rake mayors will build the this is only marginally useful
  • rake all build everything except the sass.