Small and simple Awesome WM widget to control volume of Pulseaudio.
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Note, that…

…this project is not developed any longer. It still works, though. I do not use it any more, nor do I use awesome. I am willing to merge bug fixes and improvements that do not alter the appearance or behaviour. Breaking changes in this sense, I will not merge.

You are welcome to fork this and I will add a link to it in the README. Currently known, feature adding forks:

Awesome Pulseaudio Widget

Awesome Pulseaudio Widget (APW) is a little widget for Awesome WM, using the awful progressbar widget, to display default's sink volume and control Pulseaudio.

It's compatible with Awesome 3.5.

First time I'm using Lua. So it might be a little bit quirky.

Get it

cd $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/awesome/
git clone

Use it

Just put these line to the appropriate places in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/awesome/rc.lua.

-- Load the widget.
local APW = require("apw/widget")

-- Example: Add to wibox. Here to the right. Do it the way you like it.

-- Configure the hotkeys.
awful.key({ }, "XF86AudioRaiseVolume",  APW.Up),
awful.key({ }, "XF86AudioLowerVolume",  APW.Down),
awful.key({ }, "XF86AudioMute",         APW.ToggleMute),

Customize it


Important: beautiful.init must be called before you require apw for theming to work.

Just add these variables to your Beautiful theme.lua file and set them to whatever colors or gradients you wish:

--{{{ APW
theme.apw_fg_color = {type = 'linear', from = {0, 0}, to={40,0},
    stops={{0, "#CC8888"}, {.4, "#88CC88"}, {.8, "#8888CC"}}}
theme.apw_bg_color = "#333333"
theme.apw_mute_fg_color = "#CC9393"
theme.apw_mute_bg_color = "#663333"

Directly edit widget.lua

You also can customize some properties by editing the configuration variables directly in widget.lua (i.e. add a margin). It is advisable to customize the source file in an own branch. This makes it easy to update to a new version of APW via rebasing.


Right-clicking the widget launches a mixer. By default this is pavucontrol, but you can set a different command by calling SetMixer() on your APW object:

local APW = require("apw/widget")
APW:SetMixer("mixer_command -whatever")


You could update the widget periodically if you'd like. In case, the volume is changed from somewhere else.

APWTimer = timer({ timeout = 0.5 }) -- set update interval in s
APWTimer:connect_signal("timeout", APW.Update)


Just fork it and file a pull request. I'll look into it.