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Compare json schemas correctly

npm install json-schema-compare --save
var compare = require('json-schema-compare')

var isEqual = compare({
  title: 'title 1',
  type: ['object'],
  uniqueItems: false,
  dependencies: {
    name: ['age', 'lastName']
  required: ['name', 'age', 'name']
}, {
  title: 'title 2',
  type: 'object',
  required: ['age', 'name'],
  dependencies: {
    name: ['lastName', 'age']
  properties: {
    name: {
      minLength: 0
}, {
  ignore: ['title']

console.log(isEqual) // => true

Compare json schemas correctly.

  • Ignores sort for arrays where sort does not matter, like required, enum, type, anyOf, oneOf, anyOf, dependencies (if array)
  • Compares correctly type when array or string
  • Ignores duplicate values before comparing
  • For schemas and sub schemas undefined, true and {} are equal
  • For minLength, minItems and minProperties undefined and 0 are equal
  • For uniqueItems, undefined and false are equal


ignore array - default: []

Ignores certain keywords, useful to exclude meta keywords like title, description etc or custom keywords. If all you want to know if they are the same in terms of validation keywords.


Create tests for new functionality and follow the eslint rules.


MIT © Martin Hansen