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I hereby release this code to the public domain.
If for some reason that's not possible or somehow gets revoked (the expected reason being the insanity of our lawyerocracy), I retain or immediately reclaim all rights and explicitly grant an unlimited, eternal and irrevocable license to everyone else, whether or not they are legally recognized as a sentient person, to do absolutely anything they want to do with this code, at no charge.
Furthermore, this code is provided as-is. I explicitly decline to offer any warrantee, either express or implied, not even the so-called "implied warantees" of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or any other crazy ideas the aforementioned lawyers have created in their unholy quest for ever-more money and/or power. For that matter, I don't even warrant that the use of this code won't start a global thermonuclear war or runaway nanotechnology event (though if you're worried about such things, I can tell you off-the-record that it probably won't do either).
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