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2  cbits/WrapExceptions.m
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
// Returns a retained HSException
HSException *newHSException(const char *reason, void * exc) {
- return [[HSException alloc] initWithReason: [NSString stringWithCString: reason]
+ return [[HSException alloc] initWithReason: [NSString stringWithUTF8String: reason]
exception: exc ];
2  objc-ffi.cabal
@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ stability: experimental
cabal-version: >= 1.2
build-type: Custom
+build-depends: gnustep-config
extra-tmp-files: objc-ffi.buildinfo
author: James Cook <>
@@ -37,6 +38,7 @@ Library
if os(darwin)
frameworks: Foundation
cpp-options: -DMACOSX
+ -D__OBJC2__
extra-libraries: gnustep-base
cpp-options: -DGNUSTEP
118 src/Foreign/ObjC/ObjCType.hs
@@ -5,7 +5,6 @@ module Foreign.ObjC.ObjCType where
import Data.Int
import Data.Word
import Foreign.C.Types
-import Foreign.LibFFI.Experimental
import Foreign.ObjC.Object
import Foreign.ObjC.SEL
import Foreign.Ptr
@@ -16,28 +15,14 @@ class ObjCType t where
ptrTypeString :: p t -> String
ptrTypeString p = '^' : typeString p
-class (ObjCType t, ArgType t) => ObjCArg t where
-class (ObjCType t, RetType t) => ObjCRet t where
- isStret :: p t -> Bool
- isStret _ = False
- outRetRetained :: OutRet t t
- outRetRetained = outRet
instance ObjCType () where
typeString _ = "v"
-instance ObjCRet ()
instance ObjCType a => ObjCType (Ptr a) where
typeString = ptrTypeString . (const Nothing :: p (q a) -> Maybe a)
-instance ObjCType a => ObjCArg (Ptr a)
-instance ObjCType a => ObjCRet (Ptr a)
instance ObjCType (FunPtr a) where
typeString _ = "?"
-instance ObjCArg (FunPtr a)
-instance ObjCRet (FunPtr a)
instance ObjCType ObjCObject where
typeString _ = "{objc_object=#}"
@@ -49,179 +34,76 @@ instance ObjCType ObjCClass where
instance ObjCType ObjCSuper where
typeString _ = "{objc_super=@#}"
-instance ObjCArg ObjCSuper
-instance ObjCRet ObjCSuper
instance ObjCType (SEL a) where
typeString _ = ":"
-instance ObjCArg (SEL a)
-instance ObjCRet (SEL a)
instance ObjCType (IMP a) where
typeString _ = "?"
-instance ObjCArg (IMP a)
-instance ObjCRet (IMP a)
instance ObjCType Float where
typeString _ = "f"
-instance ObjCArg Float
-instance ObjCRet Float
instance ObjCType Double where
typeString _ = "d"
-instance ObjCArg Double
-instance ObjCRet Double
instance ObjCType Int8 where
typeString _ = "c"
-instance ObjCArg Int8
-instance ObjCRet Int8
instance ObjCType Int16 where
typeString _ = "s"
-instance ObjCArg Int16
-instance ObjCRet Int16
instance ObjCType Int32 where
typeString _ = "l"
-instance ObjCArg Int32
-instance ObjCRet Int32
instance ObjCType Int64 where
typeString _ = "q"
-instance ObjCArg Int64
-instance ObjCRet Int64
-- TODO: detect int size
instance ObjCType Int where
typeString _ = "q"
-instance ObjCArg Int
-instance ObjCRet Int
instance ObjCType Word8 where
typeString _ = "C"
-instance ObjCArg Word8
-instance ObjCRet Word8
instance ObjCType Word16 where
typeString _ = "S"
-instance ObjCArg Word16
-instance ObjCRet Word16
instance ObjCType Word32 where
typeString _ = "L"
-instance ObjCArg Word32
-instance ObjCRet Word32
instance ObjCType Word64 where
typeString _ = "Q"
-instance ObjCArg Word64
-instance ObjCRet Word64
-- TODO: detect int size
instance ObjCType Word where
typeString _ = "Q"
-instance ObjCArg Word
-instance ObjCRet Word
instance ObjCType CChar where
typeString _ = "c"
ptrTypeString _ = "*"
-instance ObjCArg CChar
-instance ObjCRet CChar
deriving instance ObjCType CSChar
-deriving instance ObjCArg CSChar
-deriving instance ObjCRet CSChar
deriving instance ObjCType CUChar
-deriving instance ObjCArg CUChar
-deriving instance ObjCRet CUChar
deriving instance ObjCType CShort
-deriving instance ObjCArg CShort
-deriving instance ObjCRet CShort
deriving instance ObjCType CUShort
-deriving instance ObjCArg CUShort
-deriving instance ObjCRet CUShort
deriving instance ObjCType CInt
-deriving instance ObjCArg CInt
-deriving instance ObjCRet CInt
deriving instance ObjCType CUInt
-deriving instance ObjCArg CUInt
-deriving instance ObjCRet CUInt
deriving instance ObjCType CLong
-deriving instance ObjCArg CLong
-deriving instance ObjCRet CLong
deriving instance ObjCType CULong
-deriving instance ObjCArg CULong
-deriving instance ObjCRet CULong
deriving instance ObjCType CPtrdiff
-deriving instance ObjCArg CPtrdiff
-deriving instance ObjCRet CPtrdiff
deriving instance ObjCType CSize
-deriving instance ObjCArg CSize
-deriving instance ObjCRet CSize
deriving instance ObjCType CWchar
-deriving instance ObjCArg CWchar
-deriving instance ObjCRet CWchar
deriving instance ObjCType CSigAtomic
-deriving instance ObjCArg CSigAtomic
-deriving instance ObjCRet CSigAtomic
deriving instance ObjCType CLLong
-deriving instance ObjCArg CLLong
-deriving instance ObjCRet CLLong
deriving instance ObjCType CULLong
-deriving instance ObjCArg CULLong
-deriving instance ObjCRet CULLong
deriving instance ObjCType CIntPtr
-deriving instance ObjCArg CIntPtr
-deriving instance ObjCRet CIntPtr
deriving instance ObjCType CUIntPtr
-deriving instance ObjCArg CUIntPtr
-deriving instance ObjCRet CUIntPtr
deriving instance ObjCType CIntMax
-deriving instance ObjCArg CIntMax
-deriving instance ObjCRet CIntMax
deriving instance ObjCType CUIntMax
-deriving instance ObjCArg CUIntMax
-deriving instance ObjCRet CUIntMax
deriving instance ObjCType CClock
-deriving instance ObjCArg CClock
-deriving instance ObjCRet CClock
deriving instance ObjCType CTime
-deriving instance ObjCArg CTime
-deriving instance ObjCRet CTime
deriving instance ObjCType CUSeconds
-deriving instance ObjCArg CUSeconds
-deriving instance ObjCRet CUSeconds
deriving instance ObjCType CSUSeconds
-deriving instance ObjCArg CSUSeconds
-deriving instance ObjCRet CSUSeconds
deriving instance ObjCType CFloat
-deriving instance ObjCArg CFloat
-deriving instance ObjCRet CFloat
deriving instance ObjCType CDouble
-deriving instance ObjCArg CDouble
-deriving instance ObjCRet CDouble
1  src/Foreign/ObjC/Object.hsc
@@ -13,7 +13,6 @@ import Foreign.Storable
#include <objc/objc-api.h>
#include <objc/objc-runtime.h>
-#include <objc/message.h>
-- struct objc_class (abstract as of ObjC 2)
7 src/Foreign/ObjC/Sig.hs
@@ -1,17 +1,16 @@
module Foreign.ObjC.Sig where
-import Foreign.LibFFI.Experimental
import Foreign.ObjC.ObjCType
-class SigType a => ObjCSigType a where
+class ObjCSigType a where
retTypeString :: p a -> String
argTypeStrings :: p a -> [String]
-instance ObjCRet a => ObjCSigType (IO a) where
+instance ObjCType a => ObjCSigType (IO a) where
retTypeString = typeString . (const Nothing :: p (IO a) -> Maybe a)
argTypeStrings _ = []
-instance (ObjCArg a, ObjCSigType b) => ObjCSigType (a -> b) where
+instance (ObjCType a, ObjCSigType b) => ObjCSigType (a -> b) where
retTypeString = retTypeString . (const Nothing :: p (a -> b) -> Maybe b)
argTypeStrings p
= typeString ((const Nothing :: p (a -> b) -> Maybe a) p)

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