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On the fly markdown preview.


  • A computer
  • Emacs
  • A modern browser

Demostration (Link to youtube)

Emacs Multithread Demo on Youtube


  • Esay to use
  • Auto scroll
  • GFM compatible
  • Online image render
  • GFMize
  • No external dependency (unless the browser is counted)


(require 'flymd)



One and only one interactive function in this package.

M-x flymd-flyit, current markdown buffer opened in a browser.

If you close the page accidentally, M-x flymd-flyit to reopen the page.

Browser button

  • Auto Scroll -------- Toggle auto scroll.

  • Auto Refresh ----- Toggle auto refresh.

  • GFM Mode ------- Toggle GFM mode.

    Render the page in GFM style (autolink, table and tasklist) if enabled.

  • MathJaxize (experimental) - On click rendering MathJax.

  • GFMize ------------ On click rendering the page by github API

    Codeblock should be correctly highlight after action.

    Notice that github API allows only 60 accesses per hour.

Customize output directory

Change the value of flymd-output-directory to change where flymd temp output files are stored.

If nil, the current markdown working directory will be used.

Browser Compatibility

Please see here for browser compatibility issue.

It will be grateful if you can report your browser compatibility or solution throught pull request.

Change Log

  • 1.1.0 - Add MathJaxize; Add flymd-close-buffer-delete-temp-files customize option.


If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, you can make a pull request, report an issue or send me an email.


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