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add vim command-t shortcuts to rails js and css assets directories

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1 parent 750763e commit 68e62226d80aa38182e059162dfef60f9610dde6 @molawson committed Nov 1, 2012
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@@ -115,13 +115,15 @@ function! ShowRoutes()
map <leader>gR :call ShowRoutes()<cr>
+map <leader>gs :CommandTFlush<cr>\|:CommandT app/assets/stylesheets<cr>
+map <leader>gj :CommandTFlush<cr>\|:CommandT app/assets/javascripts<cr>
map <leader>gv :CommandTFlush<cr>\|:CommandT app/views<cr>
map <leader>gc :CommandTFlush<cr>\|:CommandT app/controllers<cr>
map <leader>gm :CommandTFlush<cr>\|:CommandT app/models<cr>
map <leader>gh :CommandTFlush<cr>\|:CommandT app/helpers<cr>
map <leader>gl :CommandTFlush<cr>\|:CommandT lib<cr>
map <leader>gp :CommandTFlush<cr>\|:CommandT public<cr>
-map <leader>gs :CommandTFlush<cr>\|:CommandT spec<cr>
+map <leader>gt :CommandTFlush<cr>\|:CommandT spec<cr>
map <leader>gg :topleft 100 :split Gemfile<cr>
let g:CommandTMaxHeight=20

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