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An application to quickly generate binaries to burn to the official Nintendo SF Memory flash cartridge
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SF Memory Binary Maker


NOTE: Please dump original ROM and mapping from SF Memory cart before You upload any new rom. Share those files with community for preservation.

This program's main purpose is to generate binaries to burn to a SF Memory Cartridge

It is able to:

  • Generate a 4096kB binary including the standard SF Memory Menu(512kB) and as many smaller ROMs as the space allows
  • a fitting MAP file to go with the binary
  • Generate a MAP file to burn a single ROM without menu to your cartridge. This is helpful if you want to use your SF Memory cart with a ROM that is 4096kB on it's own. It does also work with ROMs smaller than that though.

Please keep in mind that to generate a binary with the Menu, the program requires the 512kB menu binary (named Menu.sfc) in the program folder!


To read/write from and to your SF Memory cartridge I highly recommend using Sanni's Cartridge Reader Shield for Arduino Mega 2560

Please join the discussion

If You want to order assembled cartreader, please contact me through my nikname there: moldov

Thanks to:

sanni - for his masterpiece which gathered all the community solutions for scattered ROMS and platforms

skaman - SNES rom and mapping details

infinest - help with GB Memory Binary Maker source code which I forked and manage to adopt for SNES platform

alex_n00b - bitmap letters for Menu

and all comunity's creative work which allows to find those hidden gems and undocumented abilities in retro platforms

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