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Official DB addons for Moleculer framework


Name Version Description
moleculer-db NPM version Moleculer service to store entities in database
moleculer-db-adapter-couchdb-nano NPM version CouchDB Nano adapter for Moleculer DB service.
moleculer-db-adapter-mongo NPM version MongoDB native adapter for Moleculer DB service.
moleculer-db-adapter-mongoose NPM version Mongoose adapter for Moleculer DB service
moleculer-db-adapter-sequelize NPM version SQL adapter (Postgres, MySQL, SQLite & MSSQL) for Moleculer DB service
moleculer-db-adapter-prisma NPM version Prisma adapter for Moleculer DB service


Install dependencies

$ npm run setup


Run the simple example in moleculer-db service with watching

$ npm run dev moleculer-db

Run the full example in moleculer-db service w/o watching

$ npm run demo moleculer-db full


$ npm test

Create a new addon

$ npm run init moleculer-<modulename>

Publish new releases

$ npm run release


The project is available under the MIT license.


Copyright (c) 2016-2022 MoleculerJS

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