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MOLGENIS - for scientific data: management, exploration, integration and analysis.
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Latest commit 43721de @tommydeboer tommydeboer Merge pull request #4486 from dennishendriksen/fix/4481
Fix #4481 Table row inspect error for non-superuser
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molgenis-app Fix merge conflict with master
molgenis-catalogue Revert catalogue experiment
molgenis-charts Updated pom version to 1.17.0-SNAPSHOT
molgenis-core-ui Remove unused code with bug
molgenis-core change AttributeMetaData.dataType to enum
molgenis-das remove AttributeMetaData.idAttribute/labelAttribute/lookupAttribute
molgenis-data-annotators remove default metadata options
molgenis-data-csv remove AttributeMetaData.idAttribute/labelAttribute/lookupAttribute
molgenis-data-elasticsearch Fix EmbeddedElasticSearchConfigTest: close context
molgenis-data-examples remove default metadata options
molgenis-data-excel Fix #1384 Excel sheets with merged regions handling
molgenis-data-googlespreadsheet Updated pom version to 1.17.0-SNAPSHOT
molgenis-data-idcard remove default metadata options
molgenis-data-import Fix tests: Do not mock classes inside a when or thenReturn method.
molgenis-data-mapper Fix tests: Create controller instance before initMocks is called
molgenis-data-merge Meta data refactor
molgenis-data-migrate change AttributeMetaData.dataType to enum
molgenis-data-mysql Fix test
molgenis-data-rest-client Updated pom version to 1.17.0-SNAPSHOT
molgenis-data-rest Fix unit tests
molgenis-data-semanticsearch Updated pom version to 1.17.0-SNAPSHOT
molgenis-data-system Merge pull request #4377 from molgenis/1.16
molgenis-data-validation Fix #4459 Updating entities with unchanged readonly mref attributes f…
molgenis-data-vcf Fix #4437
molgenis-data Merge pull request #4480 from tommydeboer/fix/4479
molgenis-dataexplorer Fix #4481 Inspecting a row as a non-super user will throw an error
molgenis-file remove default metadata options
molgenis-integration-tests Rename base tests
molgenis-js Updated pom version to 1.17.0-SNAPSHOT
molgenis-model-registry Fix #4422
molgenis-ontology-core remove AttributeMetaData.idAttribute/labelAttribute/lookupAttribute
molgenis-ontology Merge branch 'master' of into re…
molgenis-pathways remove AttributeMetaData.idAttribute/labelAttribute/lookupAttribute
molgenis-python Updated pom version to 1.17.0-SNAPSHOT
molgenis-questionnaires Remove bundled js/css from the header.
molgenis-r Updated pom version to 1.17.0-SNAPSHOT
molgenis-scripts-core remove AttributeMetaData.idAttribute/labelAttribute/lookupAttribute
molgenis-scripts Updated pom version to 1.17.0-SNAPSHOT
molgenis-security-core Updated pom version to 1.17.0-SNAPSHOT
molgenis-security add test
.gitignore Add NPM modules and debug to git ignore
LICENSE add license Update
eclipse-java-molgenis-style.xml eclipse molgenis java code formatter: insert new line after annotatio…
eclipse-javascript-molgenis-style.xml tweak settings: less padding and line breaks
pom.xml Merge pull request #4451 from erwinwinder/master

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Welcome to MOLGENIS

MOLGENIS is a collaborative open source project on a mission to generate great software infrastructure for life science research.

See for documentation.


See Getting Started Guide

Third-party software

For some modules in Molgenis, third-party software is in use. It is important to know that some of these licenses are different than the Molgenis license.

In this section you can find a list of remarks about third-party software in Molgenis modules.

molgenis-charts module

As a non-profit organisation we are using the Highsoft software 'highstock version 1.3.6', in the molgenis-charts module to build some charts.

Important! The Highsoft software product is not free for commercial use. For Highsoft products and pricing go to:

To turn-off/deactivate this functionality you can set the RuntimeProperty “plugin.dataexplorer.mod.charts” to false: 1. You can find the RuntimeProperty via the menu Entities -> RuntimeProperty. 2. Search for the RuntimeProperty "plugin.dataexplorer.mod.charts" and update to false. 3. If it does not exists: a. Create a new RuntimeProperty b. Name -> plugin.dataexplorer.mod.charts c. Value -> false

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