Simple CRUD example for Chaplin.js and Backbone.js using localStorage persistence and data sharing using the Chaplin.Composer.
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Chaplin.js CRUD example: Car Manager

This is an example JavaScript application using Chaplin.js and Backbone.js. It’s based on the Chaplin Boilerplate in plain JavaScript.

The example allows create, read, update, delete (CRUD) operations on a shared Backbone Collection. Typically, Chaplin disposes controllers and their models/views when a different controller or controller action takes over. This example uses the Chaplin Composer to share the collection between the controller actions in a controlled way.

The collection is persisted using HTML5 localStorage.

To run the example on your developer machine, start a local webserver whose document root points to the directory with the example files. Then open http://localhost:1234/ in your browser (the port may vary of course).