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Mollie Connect: Permissions

Accessing merchant data

Your app may request a set of permissions, which allow access to various endpoints of the Mollie API. All currently available permissions are listed below.

Permissions can be requested by redirecting the resource owner to the :doc:`Authorize endpoint </reference/oauth2/authorize>` with the requested permissions as a space separated list in the scope parameter.
Payments API
View the merchant's payments, chargebacks and payment methods.
Payments API
Create payments for the merchant. The received payment will be added to the merchant's balance.
Refunds API
View the merchant's refunds.
Refunds API
Create or cancel refunds.
Customers API
View the merchant's customers.
Customers API
Manage the merchant's customers.
Mandates API
View the merchant's mandates.
Mandates API
Manage the merchant's mandates.
Subscriptions API
View the merchant's subscriptions.
Subscriptions API
Manage the merchant's subscriptions.
Profiles API
View the merchant's website profiles.
Profiles API
Manage the merchant's website profiles.
Invoices API
View the merchant's invoices.
Settlements API
View the merchant's settlements.
Orders API
View the merchant's orders.
Orders API
Manage the merchant's orders.
Shipments API
View the merchant's order shipments.
Shipments API
Manage the merchant's order shipments.
Organizations API
View the merchant's organizational details.
Organizations API
Change the merchant's organizational details.
Onboarding API
View the merchant's onboarding status.