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What the files are

  • manual/raw-data.csv: data from ABC data link above
  • manual/locations-long.csv & manual/locations.csv: locations of count sites, from ABC map where possible, else from google maps
  • manual/cleaning.R: takes raw-data.csv and aggregates it by season, intersection, and time of day
  • manual/seasonal.csv: cleaned data from R script
  • manual/counts.js: GeoJSON format of seasonal.csv

To do list

  • Data
    • Coords from KML
    • Coords that weren't in KML
    • Better format data specifics
    • Convert data to GeoJSON
  • Map by season
    • Simplify layer selection (i.e. select fall vs. spring, morning vs. evening, weekday vs. Saturday, year)
      • Less hacky way of doing headers
      • Better simplification
  • Map markers
    • Colors
    • Sizes
    • Decide if colors or sizes are a better way to convey data
    • Change shape?
  • Add more stats to popup
    • Graph stats in popups
  • Website wrapper with purpose, info, etc.
  • Map by stats?
  • Animation