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How to set up

First of all, you need to install peco, percol, or fzf (, or fzf-tmux)

Manually install

Put all files somewhere in your $fpath, and add the following lines to your .zshrc:

autoload -Uz anyframe-init

For example

# download all files
% cd /path/to/dir
% git clone

And add the following lines to your .zshrc:

fpath=(/path/to/dir/anyframe(N-/) $fpath)

autoload -Uz anyframe-init

Installing using Antigen

If you use Antigen, add the following line to your .zshrc:

antigen bundle mollifier/anyframe


You can map anyframe widgets to whatever key you like.

For example, add the following lines to your .zshrc:

bindkey '^xb' anyframe-widget-cdr
bindkey '^x^b' anyframe-widget-checkout-git-branch

bindkey '^xr' anyframe-widget-execute-history
bindkey '^x^r' anyframe-widget-execute-history

bindkey '^xi' anyframe-widget-put-history
bindkey '^x^i' anyframe-widget-put-history

bindkey '^xg' anyframe-widget-cd-ghq-repository
bindkey '^x^g' anyframe-widget-cd-ghq-repository

bindkey '^xk' anyframe-widget-kill
bindkey '^x^k' anyframe-widget-kill

bindkey '^xe' anyframe-widget-insert-git-branch
bindkey '^x^e' anyframe-widget-insert-git-branch


Some widgets requires external commands.


require cdr

To use cdr, add the following line to your .zshrc:

autoload -Uz chpwd_recent_dirs cdr add-zsh-hook
add-zsh-hook chpwd chpwd_recent_dirs

for more information, see REMEMBERING RECENT DIRECTORIES section in man zshcontrib(1)


require ghq



# expressly specify to use peco
zstyle ":anyframe:selector:" use peco
# expressly specify to use percol
zstyle ":anyframe:selector:" use percol
# expressly specify to use fzf-tmux
zstyle ":anyframe:selector:" use fzf-tmux
# expressly specify to use fzf
zstyle ":anyframe:selector:" use fzf

# specify path and options for peco, percol, or fzf
zstyle ":anyframe:selector:peco:" command 'peco --no-ignore-case'
zstyle ":anyframe:selector:percol:" command 'percol --case-sensitive'
zstyle ":anyframe:selector:fzf-tmux:" command 'fzf-tmux --extended'
zstyle ":anyframe:selector:fzf:" command 'fzf --extended'