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no beep in less

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mollifier committed Mar 23, 2012
1 parent 9fc639c commit 8f15b732657d52de5c8d1838937f601061f7faa7
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@@ -21,7 +21,8 @@ export LANG=ja_JP.UTF-8
export EDITOR=vim
export TERM=xterm-256color
export PAGER=less
-export LESS='--tabs=4 --no-init --LONG-PROMPT --ignore-case'
+# --SILENT : terminal bell is not rung
+export LESS='--tabs=4 --no-init --LONG-PROMPT --ignore-case --SILENT'
export GREP_OPTIONS='--color=auto'
export MAIL=/var/mail/$USERNAME
#export PS4 for bash

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