IRC bot framework written in Python.
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GorillaBot is an easily-extensible IRC bot written in Python.

Author: Molly White
License: MIT
Status: Stable
Version: 3.0
Python version: 3.4+


Download code from the master branch. Code in the development or other branches is often incomplete and nonfunctional.

The bot is available on PyPI, so it can be installed with pip install gorillabot or easy_install gorillabot.

Alternatively, install the bot from source:

  1. Run python3 from the source directory.
  2. Configure the bot when prompted. If you already have already configured the bot, you can use that configuration or create a new one.
  3. Once the bot has successfully connected, command the bot via IRC. A number of commands are marked as admin-only, and are only available to bot operators. All commands are outlined in the documentation.


GorillaBot generates its own plugin documentation. If you add a plugin, please document it by writing usage notes in comments beginning with #-. You can see an example in the link command. Note that you do not need to specify if a command is admin-only or not; this is determined from the decorator.