Parser to convert Mark Holmquist's lochner files to wikitext.
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Brandeis is a Python3 script that converts U.S. Supreme Court cases to wikitext, which can then be uploaded using a pywikipediabot. It is intended to complement with lochner, a scraper that pulls court cases from Justia.

Using brandeis

Before you can use brandeis, you must install lochner and use it to retrieve the case files you want to convert. Brandeis uses lochner's HTML output, not the plaintext. Make sure you set the --format=html flag when you run lochner. Once you have done this, you can run brandeis on these files.

Run brandeis from its directory using the following syntax:

python3 (-f FILES | -d DIR)

###Options -h, --help Show basic help.

-f [FILES [FILES ...]], --files [FILES [FILES...]] Specify a file or list of files to parse.

-d DIR, --dir DIR Specify a directory of files to parse.

###Output Brandeis outputs a number of files. In the "botfiles" directory, you will find one file for each case. This will be a text file formatted for upload by pywikipediabot's script. Brandeis also outputs two log files. The first is named "report", followed by the time the script was run. The contents of this file duplicates the console output — it is a list of warnings for possible problems that should be double-checked before the file is uploaded. The second log file is named "summary", followed by the time of run. This is a summary of the files that will be created on Wikisource when pywikipedia is run.