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<a href="/en-us/develop/mobile/tutorials/authorize-users-in-scripts-dotnet/" title="Windows Store version" class="current">Windows Store app</a>
<a href="/en-us/develop/mobile/tutorials/authorize-users-in-scripts-ios/" title="iOS version">iOS app</a>
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<a href="/en-us/develop/mobile/tutorials/authorize-users-in-scripts-dotnet/" title=".NET client version" class="current">C# and XAML</a>
<a href="/en-us/develop/mobile/tutorials/authorize-users-in-scripts-js/" title="JavaScript client version">JavaScript and HTML</a>
# Use scripts to authorize users in Mobile Services for Windows Store
-Language: **C# and XAML**
+<h3><strong>Windows Store C#</strong> / <a href="/en-us/develop/mobile/tutorials/authorize-users-in-scripts-js">Windows Store JavaScript</a> / <a href="/en-us/develop/mobile/tutorials/authorize-users-in-scripts-ios">iOS</a></h3>
This topic shows you how to use server scripts to authorize authenticated users for accessing data in Windows Azure Mobile Services from a Windows Store app. In this tutorial you register scripts with Mobile Services to filter queries based on the userId of an authenticated user, ensuring that each user can see only their own data.

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