A super-fast, facilitated introduction to design thinking methods & mindsets
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Experiences and Notes
Design Dash - CN.pdf
Design Dash - CN.pptx
Design Dash - DE.pdf
Design Dash - DE.pptx
Design Dash - EN.pdf
Design Dash - EN.pptx
Design Dash - Facilitators Guide.pdf
Design Dash - Facilitators Guide.pptx


This is a fast, facilitated introduction to design thinking methods and mindsets. It takes at least 1 hour, but is flexible based on your timing. It is geared towards participants who are new to this kind of exercise.

Read the Facilitator's Guide for information about how to run it. The Facilitator's Guide assumes that you have done at least a little bit of design facilitation before.

If you have changes or feedback, don't email Molly and ask her to make changes! This is open-source, and that means YOU make the changes. For more info, look in the directory called "Experiences and Notes."

More info about the background of this exercise at http://molly.is/writing/design-dash/.


Designed by Molly Wilson, program lead at HPI School of Design Thinking Prototyped and co-created by Katharina Birg, Emma Callahan, Cheng Yao, Johanna Grefertz, Yani Guo, Deborah Kohn, Jana Mendelski, Laura Plemper, and Katrin Unger, all Advanced students at HPI School of Design Thinking German translation by Katharina Birg Chinese translation by Yani Guo & Cheng Yao Additional thanks to Lisa Carlgren, Christian Smirnow, Louisa Löwenstein, Jonathan Edelman, and Steffi Gerken You are encouraged to use, remix, and translate this activity. However, you must credit the original creators, and you must release whatever you create under a Creative Commons license. More info at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/.