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Added some docs for daemonizing celery

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@@ -237,18 +237,16 @@ scheduler ``celerybeat`` for us. We just have to start them::
python celeryd
python celerybeat
+.. seealso:: `Daemonizing Celery <>`_
+ -- Celery doesn't daemonize itself so you'll want to either run it as an init
+ script or deploy it with some process management like `supervisor <>`_.
Deploying Molly
Once you have configured your site appropriately, you're almost ready to deploy your
-.. note:: The following command overrides your crontab. If you do not wish this
- to happen, then run the command with the ``--skip-cron`` option.
- You can then use ``python create_crontab`` to get a crontab
- specification suitable for putting into the ``crontab`` command.
This can be done using the command::
python deploy

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