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Some docs about the new tasks processing

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@@ -204,20 +204,46 @@ A provider maps an external interface onto the model used by the application.
Most applications provide a ``providers.BaseProvider`` class which specifies
an interface to be implemented by a provider for that application.
-Extra base classes
+.. versionadded:: 1.4
+ Providers now all subclass ``molly.conf.provider.Provider``
+.. Extra base classes
+.. ------------------ TODO?
+Task Processing
+.. versionadded:: 1.4
-Batch jobs
+Celery is used to provide asynchronous task processing. For an introduction to
+the basics of Celery we recommend you take a look at the `"Getting Started with
+Celery"`__ guide.
-A provider can annotate methods to be included in a crontab using the
-:meth:`molly.conf.settings.batch` decorator::
- @batch('%d 9 * * mon' % random.randint(0, 59))
- def import_data(self, metadata, output):
- # do stuff
+Molly uses a modified version of the Celery task decorator located in
+``molly.conf.provider.task`` this should be used in a similar the previous
+@batch decorator to identify any methods on a provider to run async via celery.
+See this (simplified) example from ``molly.apps.feeds.providers.rss``::
+ @task(run_every=timedelta(minutes=60))
+ def import_data(self, **metadata):
+ """
+ Pulls RSS feeds
+ """
+ from molly.apps.feeds.models import Feed
+ for feed in Feed.objects.filter(provider=self.class_path):
+ logger.debug("Importing: %s - %s" % (feed.title, feed.rss_url))
+ self.import_feed.delay(feed)
return metadata
-For more information, see :doc:`../ref/batch-processing`.
+ @task()
+ def import_feed(self, feed):
+ from molly.apps.feeds.models import Item
+ feed_data = feedparser.parse(feed.rss_url)
+ # Do stuff with feed_data
+We can iterate through all feeds and launch tasks to import them asynchronously
+using ``task.delay()``. This convention has been applied through all the
+standard providers packaged with Molly.

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