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2 parents 6bc770f + 1efc2eb commit 96ad213a7582d4898d538c9186b01d07107ce9ad @cnorthwood cnorthwood committed Jul 26, 2011
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7 molly/installer/site/
@@ -17,6 +17,13 @@
from molly.conf.settings import Application, extract_installed_apps, Authentication, ExtraBase, Provider
from import get_compress_groups
+# The following import and mimetypes.add_types correct the - possibly wrong - mime type of svg files
+# in certain versions of Django.
+import mimetypes
+mimetypes.add_type("image/svg+xml", ".svg", True)
+mimetypes.add_type("image/svg+xml", ".svgz", True)
# The following creates two useful variables - a path to where Molly is
# installed, and also to the root of where your site is installed. These can be
# used in place of absolute URLs so you can move your installation around

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