A project by Molly, Julian, & Aryaman to analyze public sentiment on Twitter
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#NETS150 Final Project

##Project team members: Molly Wang, Juilan Gutierrez , Aryaman Vir

###Project category:

  • Implementation
  • Empirical analysis

###Project goal:

  • Examine and analyze public sentiment on Twitter following occurrence of a major event.


  1. Collect all public tweets that are geotagged within time period of 5 days following the the event and filtering for those that contain the "Irene" query term.

Note: Twitter’s privacy setting has changed to block people from readily downloading public tweets, so we had to write custom code to scrape all tweets from within a certain time frame and then to parse all those tweets based on whether they contained our chosen keyword.

  1. Assign a sentiment (1 - positive or 0 - negative) to each tweet, based on all of the words it contains

  2. Aggregate tweets by the state with the closest geographic center based on longitude and latitude

  • Find overall talkativeness: Return the percentage of tweets containing a given term against all tweets in a given time span.

  • Find most talkative state: Return the state containing the most tweets containing a given term.

  • Find public sentiment: Find the cosine similarity of the body of tweets when run against two documents of positive and negative words respectively, and return the one with a higher cosine value Return (1 - positive) or (0 - negative) depending on whether the overall public sentiment about the event was more positive or negative


  • Tweet type: Public, Geotagged

  • Time frame: Begin tweets date: 2011-08-28 19:02:28 / End tweets date: 2011-09-03 14:06:46

  • Event: Hurricane Irene

  • Keywords: “Irene”, “Hurricane”, “Hurricane Irene”

  • Geographical bounds: 50 states of America & the District of Columbia

###Hypothesis: We believe that states closest to the location of Hurricane Irene will be the most talkative and have a generally more negative sentiment about the event.

These states will be: Southeast region - Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia. Mid Atlantic region - Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, New England, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine.

States further away from Hurricane Irene will display a more positive sentiment or have no sentiment at all.

###Task Flow:


  • Get states coordinates and code to separate tweets into respective states by calculating Euclidean distance from origination of tweet by longitude & latitude
  • Find set of negative & positive keywords
  • Project write-up and analysis


  • Separate negative & positive keywords
  • Project write-up and analysis


  • Scrape Twitter for relevant dataset
  • Code from a JSON and get similarities from list of positive & negative keywords (use the cosine similarity against difference queries
  • Writeup on how the keywords were curated.