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TAMkin is a post-processing toolkit for normal mode analysis, thermochemistry and reaction kinetics. It uses a Hessian computation from a standard computational chemistry program as its input. CHARMM, CP2K, CPMD, GAMESS, GAUSSIAN, QCHEM and VASP are supported. Multiple methods are implemented to perform a normal mode analysis (NMA). The frequencies from the NMA can be used to construct a molecular partition function to derive thermodynamic and kinetic parameters.

More information about TAMkin can be found on the CMM Software website:

TAMkin is distributed as open source software under the conditions of the GPL license version 3. Read the file COPYING for more details, or visit


TAMkin can be installed with pip (system wide or in a virtual environment):

pip install numpy Cython
pip install tamkin

Alternatively, you can install TAMkin in your home directory:

pip install numpy Cython --user
pip install tamkin --user

Lastly, you can also install TAMkin with conda. (See

# Using the builds from Travis-CI ...
conda install -c molmod tamkin
# ... or using the packages on conda-forge
conda install -c conda-forge tamkin


The tests can be executed as follows:

pytest tamkin