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Welcome to our source repository for ECE532. This repository contains IP#3, a project that can display HDMI video output from off-chip memory. This repository also contains a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), implemented on an FPGA. IP#3 is in ip/hdmi_out and the GPU is under project.

Directory structure:
  * digilent/ contains the Digilent support packages and the Atyls reference manual
  * ip/ contains files for our IP#3 project (1280x720 resolution and RGB888x)
    * ip/doc contains the user guide for our IP#3 project
    * ip/hdmi_out contains a demonstration project and our HDMI output IP
    * ip/workspace contains the C code for the demonstration project of IP#3
  * labs/ contains tutorials 1-5 and the lab test
  * project/ contains files for our final GPU project
    * project/hardware contains the hardware project
    * project/software contains the software for our GPU project, and the same software can run on the hardware on a Microblaze or on a Linux computer with openCV installed

By: Ana Klimovic, Bryce Long and Victor Zhang
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