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+SmartusLine is Vim plugin that changes the color of the statusbar of the focused
+window according with the current mode (normal/insert/replace)
+it looks like this:
+by default it highlights the filename on your statusline only, you can change
+ let g:smartusline_string_to_highlight = '(%n) %f '
+this is what you see in the picture.
+You can also change the default colors of the highlight, the name are
+self-explanatory the defaults are:
+ let g:smartusline_hi_replace = 'guibg=#e454ba guifg=black ctermbg=magenta ctermfg=black'
+ let g:smartusline_hi_insert = 'guibg=orange guifg=black ctermbg=58 ctermfg=black'
+ let g:smartusline_hi_virtual_replace = 'guibg=#e454ba guifg=black ctermbg=magenta ctermfg=black'
+ let g:smartusline_hi_normal = 'guibg=#95e454 guifg=black ctermbg=lightgreen ctermfg=black'
BIN img/smartusline.gif
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