Proper error handling, exceptions and try/catch for ZSH
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Proper error handling, exceptions and try/catch for ZSH.

Crash Screenshot



zulu install crash


git clone crash
cp crash/crash /usr/local/share/zsh/site-functions # Or anywhere else in $fpath


Set up the global error handler

Crash comes with a global error handler, which prints a readable error and stack trace both for user-created exceptions and traditional shell exit codes.

autoload -Uz crash && crash register

throw TestException 'This is a test' # Will cause the error handler to be displayed


Crash comes with the functions try, catch and throw, allowing you to handle exceptions much as you would in a 'proper' programming language.

autoload -Uz crash && crash register

# The function we're going to call
function do_something() {
  echo 'Start to do something...'
  throw RainbowException 'Unicorns!'
  echo 'This message will never be displayed'

# A function to handle any caught exceptions
function error_handler() {
  local exception="$1" message="${(@)@:2}"

  echo $exception # RainbowException
  echo $message   # Unicorns!

try do_something
catch RainbowException error_handler


Copyright (c) 2016 James Dinsdale (

Crash is licensed under The MIT License (MIT)