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import os
# This file is loosely based upon the file
# cpp/ycm/ from the youcompleteme daemon process
# available on github:
def FindStdInclude():
# Find the standard library include directory
for include in [ "/usr/include/c++" ]:
for dir in ["v1"] + [ str(ver) for ver in range(4,10,1) ]:
if os.path.exists(os.path.join(dir,"cstdlib")):
return dir
# libc++ include directory:
return "/usr/include/c++/v1"
def BuildBaseFlags():
# These are the compilation flags that will be used in case there's no
# compilation database set (by default, one is not set).
# The builddir (relative to the path of this file),
# which we use to find some generated files:
builddir = "build"
return [
# Warnings: For a very detailed discussion about this
# see the following stackexchange post:
# Generate unwind information
# Compile debug code as well
# Compile as c++14
# Treat .h header files as c++:
'-x', 'c++',
# Include other libraries and show errors and
# warnings within them
# To suppress errors shown here, use "-isystem"
# instead of "-I"
'-I', 'src',
'-I', builddir + '/src',
'-isystem', './modules/gint/src',
'-isystem', './modules/gscf/src',
'-isystem', './modules/krims/src',
'-isystem', './modules/lazyten/src',
'-isystem', './modules/gint/external/sturmint/src',
'-isystem', builddir + '/modules/gint/src',
'-isystem', builddir + '/modules/gscf/src',
'-isystem', builddir + '/modules/krims/src',
'-isystem', builddir + '/modules/lazyten/src',
'-isystem', builddir + '/modules/gint/external/sturmint/src',
'-isystem', './modules/rapidcheck/include',
'-isystem', './modules/rapidcheck/ext/catch/include',
# Explicit clang includes:
'-isystem', FindStdInclude(),
def MakeRelativePathsInFlagsAbsolute( flags, working_directory ):
if not working_directory:
return list( flags )
new_flags = []
make_next_absolute = False
path_flags = [ '-isystem', '-I', '-iquote', '--sysroot=' ]
for flag in flags:
new_flag = flag
if make_next_absolute:
make_next_absolute = False
if not flag.startswith( '/' ):
new_flag = os.path.join( working_directory, flag )
for path_flag in path_flags:
if flag == path_flag:
make_next_absolute = True
if flag.startswith( path_flag ):
path = flag[ len( path_flag ): ]
new_flag = path_flag + os.path.join( working_directory, path )
if new_flag:
new_flags.append( new_flag )
return new_flags
#SOURCE_EXTENSIONS = [ '.cpp', '.cxx', '.cc', '.c', '.C' ]
#def IsHeaderFile( filename ):
# extension = os.path.splitext( filename )[ 1 ]
# return extension in [ '.h', '.hxx', '.hpp', '.hh' ]
def FlagsForFile( filename, **kwargs ):
relative_to = os.path.dirname( os.path.abspath( __file__ ) )
final_flags = MakeRelativePathsInFlagsAbsolute( BuildBaseFlags(), relative_to )
return {
'flags': final_flags,
'do_cache': True