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Validates and adds protocol to a url
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This acts_as extension adds the protocol (eg 'http://') to a url database column if missing. It also validates the url against a regular expression.


A common usecase would be in blog comments where you want the user to be able to specify his/her website:

class Comment < ActiveRecord::Base
  acts_as_url :website

>> comment =
=> #<Comment:0x245fed8 ... >

The protocol is added just before the comment is saved to the database (as a before_save callback).

>> = ''
=> ""

=> true

=> ""

In this case protocol is already given and is therefore not added, however a trailing slash is appended.

>> = ''
=> ""

=> true

=> ""

The url will be validated before it is saved to the database.

>> = 'not a url'
=> "not a url"

>> comment.invalid?
=> true


By default allowed protocols are http and https, but you can set it specificly for an attribute as a hash value (with the attribute as the key):

acts_as_url :website, :repository => 'git'

If you want to allow several protocols, you can use an array:

acts_as_url :website => ['https', 'http']

Note that the first value in the array will always be the one prepended to the url if a protocol is omitted by the user.

>> = ''
=> ""

=> ""

Copyright © 2009 Molte Emil Strange Andersen, released under the MIT license

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