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Translations Afrikaans Updated 1.73 Arabic (العربية) Updated 1.73 Bulgarian (български език) Updated 1.73 Catalan (català) Updated 2.21 Chinese Traditional (中文) Updated 2.21 Chinese Simplified (中文) Complete Czech (čeština) Updated 3.0.4 Welsh (Cymraeg) Updated 1.58 Danish (dansk) Complete German (Deutsch) Complete
See also, docs from 2006
Greek (ελληνικά) Updated 2.21 Esperanto Updated 2.21 Spanish (español) Complete Spanish es_mx (español) Updated 1.72 Estonian (eesti) Updated 1.73 Basque (euskara) Updated 1.67 Finnish (suomi) Updated 1.67 French (français) Complete Galician (galego) Updated 1.62 Hungarian (magyar) Updated 1.63 Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) Updated 2.21 Italian (italiano) Complete
Suzumizaki Kimitaka's 2005 translation of SciTEDoc, SciTEFaq, ScintillaDoc
Japanese (日本語) Updated 2.21 Kazakh (қазақ тілі) Nearly complete, updated 3.3.5 Korean (한국어) Nearly complete, updated 3.3.5 Malay (Bahasa Melayu) Updated 1.73 Norwegian Bokmål (Norsk bokmål) Updated 1.62 Dutch (Nederlands) Updated 1.73 Polish (język polski) Updated 2.21 Brazilian Portuguese (português) Complete Portuguese (português) Updated 1.67 Romanian (Română) Updated 2.21
See also, the scite-ru project
Russian (Русский) Updated 2.21 Slovene (slovenski jezik) Updated 1.62 Serbian (српски језик) Updated 2.21 Swedish (svenska) Complete Swahili (Kiswahili) Updated 1.73 Thai (ไทย) Updated 1.67 Turkish (Türkçe) Complete Ukrainian (Українська) Updated 1.73
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