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Moltin API Reference

Welcome to Moltin

Moltin is a headless eCommerce API that enables rapid experience-first commerce development.

The Moltin API follows a microservice architecture that enables you to plug commerce into any part of your application. The API is built on the JSON API specification, follows predictable REST URLs and supports cross-origin resource sharing.

We have a two-track authentication layer that enables destructive and non-destructive actions across projects. All requests require an accompanying API key that is associated to users on your team.


Moltin officially maintains and supports both a JavaScript SDK and Swift SDK. Other SDKs are community driven but happily hosted within the Moltin GitHub organization.


Moltin provides a variety of frontend and server-side example projects using various modern programming languages. Visit the moltin-examples organization on GitHub to see more.


If you have any questions on how to use, improve or show off what you're building with Moltin, our community forum is where you will want to register.

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