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You can filter results returned from the API using a standard URI format.

Supported operators

Not all supported operators work with all endpoint attributes. Each endpoint provides a list of filter attributes. Filtering on custom data fields (Flows) is not supported.

{% hint style="info" %} You can only filter on base object attributes. Filtering through non-base attributes will not work as expected, and will return everything. {% endhint %}

Operator Description
eq Equals
like Like
gt Greater than
ge Greater than or equal to
lt Less than
le Less than or equal to

Passing an incorrectly formatted filter or using an unsupported operator will return a 400 response with the following error:

  "errors": [
      "title": "Bad Request",
      "detail": "Could not parse the supplied filter"

Supported characters

As filters are passed as URL query string parameters, we must ensure all filters are URL safe and are strict about the characters that can be used in a filter.

Characters Can be used in filter?
A-Z (upper & lower case) Yes
0-9 Yes
$ - _ * . Yes
`` (space) Yes (an unencoded + will also be treated as a space)
+ Only when URL encoded (%2B)

Passing unsupported characters will return a 400 response with the following error:

  "errors": [
      "title": "Bad Request",
      "detail": "The supplied filter contained unsupported characters"

URL encoding filters

We recommend URL encoding filters before sending them to Moltin. For ease of use, you can encode the full filter, so filter=eq(email, would become

Supported endpoints

  • /brands
  • /categories
  • /collections
  • /customers
  • /files
  • /orders
  • /products

For more detail on filtering, see the Filtering section under each endpoint.