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The following table gives an overview of the entities that carry quotas and the scope in which they are used.


Entity Quota Scope
Currencies 10 per store
Unique Cart Items 100 per cart
Tax Items 5 per cart item
Search parameters 10 per search filter
Webhooks 5 per event
Integrations 100 per store
Stores 100 per user
Promotion codes 1000 per promotion
Promotions 1000 per store
Catalogue 10,000 pagination offset
Customers 10,000 pagination offset
Inventories 10,000 pagination offset
Flow fields 100 per flow

If you need higher quotas, and you are on our Enterprise plan or wish to upgrade your plan, please contact us as we can increase your quotas on a case by case basis.

For transparency; when you reach out to us we will need to learn more about your use case and requirements in detail so we can match our solution and capabilities with your needs.

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