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A Cart contains the product and custom cart items that a user may wish to purchase. Once a Cart is ready for Checkout, you can use the Checkout endpoint to convert the cart to an order.

{% hint style="info" %} Adding, modifying or removing any cart items, custom items or promotions will always return the cart meta. This is useful to update the client with up-to-date totals. {% endhint %}

{% hint style="warning" %} We'll automatically delete carts 7 days after they were last updated. {% endhint %}

{% hint style="info" %} If you do not pass a X-MOLTIN-CURRENCY header specifying what currency you would like the cart to use, the products in the cart will be converted to your default currency. {% endhint %}

The Cart Object

{% tabs %} {% tab title="Attributes" %} | Attribute | Type | Description | | :--- | :--- | :--- | | id | string | The unique identifer for the cart. Use SDK or create it yourself. | | type | string | This represents the type of object being returned | | links | object | The links object | | meta | object | The meta object | {% endtab %}

{% tab title="Sample Object" %}

    "data": {
        "id": "mycartreference",
        "type": "cart",
        "links": {
            "self": ""
        "meta": {
            "display_price": {
                "with_tax": {
                    "amount": 5891,
                    "currency": "USD",
                    "formatted": "$58.91"
                "without_tax": {
                    "amount": 5891,
                    "currency": "USD",
                    "formatted": "$58.91"
                "tax": {
                    "amount": 0,
                    "currency": "USD",
                    "formatted": "$0.00"
            "timestamps": {
                "created_at": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
                "updated_at": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z"

{% endtab %} {% endtabs %}

The Cart links object

Attribute Type Description
self string The URL of this cart

The Cart meta object

Attribute Type Description
meta.display_price object A collection of fields related to the total and currency of this cart
meta.display_price.with_tax object Tax inclusive totals
meta.display_price.with_tax.amount integer The raw total of this cart (incl. tax)
meta.display_price.with_tax.currency string The currency set for this cart
meta.display_price.with_tax.formatted string The tax inclusive formatted total based on the currency
meta.display_price.without_tax object Tax exclusive totals
meta.display_price.without_tax.amount integer The raw total of this cart (excl. tax)
meta.display_price.without_tax.currency string The currency set for this cart
meta.display_price.without_tax.formatted string The tax exclusive formatted total based on the currency object Tax totals integer The subtotal of the added tax value string The currency set for the tax string The formatted value for the tax subtotal
meta.timestamps object Timestamps for this cart
meta.timestamps.created_at string The date this cart was created
meta.timestamps.updated_at string The date this cart was last updated