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Paying for an order

When you checkout a cart, you will be returned an unpaid order. You can handle payment via a number of payment gateways.

{% hint style="info" %} You will need to configure and enable a payment gateway before you can accept payments for orders. {% endhint %}

{% hint style="warning" %} You can use the Manual Gateway to handle payments from non-supported payment providers, such as PayPal. 🎉 {% endhint %}

{% hint style="danger" %} There are a number of actions that happen to your inventory when checking out and paying for an order. For more information please be sure to evaluate our detailed article explaining the processes. {% endhint %}

Payment methods

Depending on the chosen gateway, you may or may not have access to capture funds immediately or authorize for later payment.

{% page-ref page="../" %}


The simplest method is purchase. The gateway will attempt to charge the customer immediately, and the result of the attempt will be returned.


You may wish to authorize a payment so funds can later be captured when an item is dispatched or restocked.


Once you have an authorized transaction, you will want to capture the authorized funds.


You can mark a transaction refunded at anytime.